Training is available for all ages, levels, breeds, and disciplines of horses. From unhandled to competition, we have the facilities and experience to help you and your horse. 

We take a kind, but also progressive, approach to training. Each horse is worked based on their mental and physical ability to understand and adapt to the training process; some progress faster than others. We do our best to fulfill the desires of the owner while first and foremost respecting the abilities of the horse. 


Training is an investment into your horse, and the end result should be an increase in value, whether it be monetarily or emotional value to improve your relationship with your horse. While training can be expensive, we aren't here to drain your bank account. If we can accomplish something in 30 days, we will not stretch it over 90. 

We are direct communicators. We are up front about the time we believe it will take to accomplish something, about the abilities of your horse matched with your desires, about any challenges we run into, and about how the process is going. We send regular updates via photos, videos, text messages, and phone calls. Several of our clients reside out of state, and have been satisfied enough with our communication efforts and overall results to send multiple horses to us over the years. 

Many references are available upon request. For more information about Manda, click here.

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