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Platinum whiskey


After overwhelming interest, Inky sold to Washington state, just two days after being listed as available. We are very pleased with the forever home she went to, and feel it is a perfect fit. Her new owners had this to say about buying her sight-unseen and shipping her to Washington, "She’s doing great! I am so in love with her! Thank you for being honest and upfront with us about everything. Everything was exactly how you advertised. The whole trip went smooth without a hiccup. It took trust on both our ends and I couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out. I would definitely recommend you to anyone."


Platinum Whiskey is a 2018 AQHA Grey Dun filly who stands 15h at the hip and 14.3 at the withers during this month's growth spurt. She turns all of the heads with her striking dun markings, leg stripes, and brindle coat. I mean it sincerely when I say that she is regretfully for sale, and if she doesn't sell quickly, I may change my mind on selling her at all. She's lovely to be around, and incredibly athletic.

Affectionately known as 'Inky', this filly has the intelligence and athleticism to go in any direction. She is currently in cowhorse training, but is much further along than the number of rides she's had would suggest. It is a true testament to her disposition and ability, having only had about 30 days of a light start so far this summer. We've put small sliders on her to minimize impact on her joints, as she was really wanting to stop hard and clean. She is also proving to have good cow sense and drive. 

Our favorite thing about this mare isn't what an athlete she is in the arena, though that's pretty neat, as well. We love her mind outside of the arena. She is the most solid mount to take out and ride on the mountain; she's always the first one we grab. Up hills, down hills, through heavy brush and deadfall, over trees, swamps, etc. Alone or with others, Inky trucks it out like she's a 10yo seasoned horse. She is very sure-footed and pays good attention to where she's stepping. 

Her disposition is second to none. She loves people, and seeks you out like a guided missile when you go into the pen to catch a horse. She lives great in a herd, and is the bottom of the pecking order. She's never met a stranger,  isn't mare-ish, and doesn't want any trouble.

Taking a look at her pedigree, Inky is sired by the striking Hollywood Dun It son, Dun It In Platinum. Platinum is color tested as ee AA CrCr D/d G/g. Hollywood Dun It is an NRHA 6 Million Dollar sire, who had earnings of over $65k and whose offspring are known for their kind disposition and high trainability. Hollywood Dun It horses can also be quite attentive on a cow, and Inky shows that trait heavily. 

Located in Conifer, Colorado.

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