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Coy N Slik


Ellie has sold to a western dressage and working equitation home, where she is sure to excel and look good doing it!


Coy N Slik, who is known around the barn as 'Ellie' is a 2014 AQHA registered mare who is kind and affectionate. She is 15.1 hands and just beautiful to look at. She is a dappled buckskin with four white socks and a star, and may carry the sooty gene, as she first sheds out black in the spring. 

Ellie is a gentle and quiet mare who loves to bond with people and would do anything for 'her person'. She tends to prefer a softer handler, and a slower paced life. She got a late start due to no fault of her own, and has low miles for her age, but meets each opportunity with the wisdom and thought process of a slightly older horse. Because of her later start, she is less balanced at the lope than she is at the walk and trot. She is safe with time off, and we have not experienced her to have any rear, buck, bolt, or funny business no matter how often she is or is not ridden.

While Ellie is enjoyable to ride in the arena, she seems to enjoy riding out the most. She conveniently picks you up from whatever object you choose to mount from, be it a fence, mounting block, rock, fender of a trailer, or truck bed. She also ground ties well. She is easy to clip, bathe, groom, tie, etc. 

Though she is behind on training for cowhorse events, Ellie has beautiful movement and with more education would make a fantastic ranch riding horse, pleasure horse, or 4H horse. She has the disposition to be excellent for a family in time, and eventually for kids.


She is very correct in her conformation with a beautiful head and knockout color. She is well enough bred to make a nice broodmare, and we can discuss breeding her to one of my cowhorse stallions if a potential buyer would be interested in that. 

Located in Conifer, Colorado.


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